【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 Intelligent toilet cover price and function

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-29
Today, we are all in the face of the era of intelligent technology, now every guest house using intelligent household appliances, intelligent products appear in our life, face a lot of people love, intelligent toilet cover is one of them. We in order to make life more convenient toilet, besides bath, shower, water heater, intelligent toilet cover has become a new fashion and convenient choice. The toilet is high-tech product, more health, more comfortable. For consumers, most concerned about, there are two aspects, that is intelligent toilet cover price and function. We take a look at the following: smart toilet cover price and can't separate function for, as the saying goes, cheap goods is not good for intelligent toilet cover, the price level is closely related to the functional. Good product design will be more careful on the function, can help to better use in our daily life, so prices are relatively higher. The current production of the intelligent toilet cover have some common cleaning, nozzle adjustment, heating, deodorant, etc, in addition, some good quality intelligent toilet cover more for women and the special design of cleaning can meet the special requirements of physiological period, pregnant women. Good smart toilet cover will consider more on comfort design, let consumers use more comfortable. So want to buy intelligent toilet cover, still should choose a product, make yourself comfortable otherwise loses the meaning. Intelligent toilet cover what is the price of 1, arrow arrow intelligent toilet seat cover new gm flush heating intelligent ak1000/1002 reference price: RMB 1799, Haier/Haier intelligent toilet cover i. e. thermal type 2 remote control automatic syringe household heating plate 258 reference price: 2299 yuan 3, intelligent toilet cover net toilet clean body implement electric heating cover plate WeiLi X2 i. e. thermal type automatic syringe reference price: 1699 yuan 4, arrow arrow intelligent toilet cover toilet seat cover plate clean body implement advance thermal storage irrigator AK1002 reference price: 1799 RMB 5 joy, wash clean body implement intelligent toilet cover i. e. thermal type automatic your butt irrigator fu household washer general reference price: RMB 175 6, huayi sanitary ware universal intelligent toilet seats sit implement intelligent guy in wen fu washer LIDS reference price: RMB 1699 7, full automatic intelligent toilet cover i. e. thermal type multifunctional smart cover negative ion deodorization sterilization clean body implement reference price: 1099 yuan or more intelligent toilet cover price and function is introduced to the washing function of the intelligent toilet cover here can replace toilet paper to clean, it is easier to eliminate the cause of infectious disease viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.
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