【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 Intelligent toilet fix - The maintenance of the intelligent toilet cover

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-28
【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 Intelligent toilet fix - Maintenance of the intelligent toilet cover, intelligent toilet rely on more advanced, humanization design, get the favour of broad customers, become one of the popular trend of sanitary ware, and is also a new pick people decoration of the bathroom. It [function can effectively reduce the anus diseases and women privates bacterial infections, so many customers are willing to spend high price to buy smart toilet. But ordinary toilet and intelligent toilet have big different, whether intellectual power, and in the process of daily cleaning, electrical products and incompatible with water, so the cleaning and maintenance of intelligent toilet became a big problem. Intelligent toilet fix - 1 smart toilet of common trouble and repair methods. Block: not flush or into foreign body or aging can form a toilet block, if is block of soft material, use brief dredge things generally can handle, if it is a good thing blocking the general demand apart toilet dredge. 2. Leaks: the toilet cistern fittings, aging or damage failure usually float or water sealing cover problem, it is ok to replace. 3. Device problem: at the bottom of the device in use glass glue or cement, don't block the toilet device at the bottom of the screw holes. 4. Buttons: the most common is the double button, button failure directly replace is ok. 5. Air temperature is not hot, Other normal) : check the drying device and computer board. 6. Water is not hot, Other normal) : check out the remote control, radiator heating pipe, water temperature sensor, the thermal fuse and the computer board. 7. Temperature is not heat ( Other normal) : check out the remote and seat heater, temperature sensor, computer boards and connectors. Intelligent toilet fix - The maintenance of intelligent toilet cover not under direct sunlight, direct heat source nearby or exposed to soot, or it will lead to change color. Don't buy hard objects and heavy objects, such as the tank cover, flower POTS, buckets and POTS, or you'll scratching appearance or cause cracking. Cover and seat with a soft cloth to clean, disable strong acid, strong carbon and household cleanser clean don't use evaporation agent, thinner or other chemicals to clean, or it will corrosion appearance. Do not use steel wire brush, knives and other sharp implements clean. Cover plate, low water tank on in, the person can't lean back, or it will lead to broken. Cover should be light on the light off, avoid knock against leaving flecked directly with water tank which might affect the beautiful; Or may cause cracking. Using metal hinge ( The self-contained metal wire) Products should pay attention to, don't let the acid and alkaline solvent attached to the product, otherwise easy to rust. Follow the rendering of smart home, many more intelligent products into our lives, but with smart products bring us various lunch together, the trouble problems of maintenance difficulty also follow increase, do daily maintenance can only reduce product defects may be sexual, repair, however, is still to make professional teacher to operate.
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