【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 Intelligent toilet internal structure

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-30
Intelligent toilet internal structure, now, a lot of smart technology used by our real life. All kinds of smart home are not, at the same time also to people's living has brought great and fast. Smart toilet, let people feeling by the fashionable element in the period of the fast fashion, in order to satisfied people to a higher demand, the structure of the intelligent toilet cover design is more humane, let us in the process of using more then. But what exactly is a smart toilet internal structure look like? We take a look at the following: the structure of the intelligent toilet mold mold adopts the font structure, choose P20 or 2738 cavity and core, slider, guide chute, insert using 2316 or 718, guide pin, guide sleeve, gate set, pull rod, reset lever used SKD standard parts, die set using the standard mould base. Good materials, corrosion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity and hardness, the polishing easier, thus saving the production cycle, extend the die life, reduce the maintenance and repair time, reduce the risk of cracking, improved the production efficiency. The design of the intelligent toilet mold cooling system design of the cooling system is a relatively more complex work, namely to consider the cooling effect and cooling uniformity, and to consider cooling system effect on the whole structure of the mold cooling system to determine the location and size; The key parts such as dynamic model or insert cooling; The slide block and side core cooling; The design of the cooling element and cooling the selection of standard components. Our company began to analysis these problems when in the mold design, mold with the method of circulating water in the mold inside every part flow, reduces the cooldown of when we do the injection, raise the production efficiency, reduce production costs. The design of the intelligent toilet cover structure, is the symbol of the toilet product technology content, in product design, the function, the higher technical content, the more represents the performance of the product is better. We are in the process of daily use, the seat is the key part of the most need maintenance and maintenance, to understand the structure of the toilet cover part of the rational use and careful maintenance, to ensure the performance of the toilet, and prolong the service life of the toilet. More intelligent toilet internal structure is introduced here, intelligent toilet is a very good product, it has many unique features, such as the warm wind baking, automatic deodorization and so on, these functions only by remote control can control, use rise very convenient.
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