Intelligent toilet manufacturer of warm heart science and technology

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
In the cold winter, there is nothing like a cup of hot tea, should be a hot bath, a warm bed more let a person feel happy, because they not only have a comfortable temperature, more into the family's love. Nowadays, intelligent toilet manufacturer will also to the love of the masses of users into the icy toilet, body feeling temperature according to the user, hundred improve the user experience. Smart manufacturers integrate technology into the toilet, toilet not only using the known heat that living water technology, water temperature constant lasting knob design and a key, and in other ways also adopted a more humanized design, make the toilet is full of the milk of human kindness. Intelligent toilet, of course, is not only the temperature so simple. Intelligent toilet manufacturer for toilet also add the function of the main - — To clean. User after using the toilet, just press the 'clean' button, the wash nozzle will be in a fixed position about a minute and then stop, this operation can be repeated use. The vast majority of users in the use of intelligent toilet after reflection, that warm the heart of the toilet has greatly increased the own happiness, go to the toilet when no icy touch. Simple, comfortable, fast and intelligent toilet manufacturer has been our pursuit, we will warm the heart of science and technology into the icy toilet, let your life become warm rise. If you also want to have a warm and intimate, please baidu search foshan Kang Qi technology co. , LTD. , to visit our website!
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