Intelligent toilet manufacturer on exotic toilet modelling

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
Intelligent toilet manufacturer is the production of intelligent closestool, the manufacturer of high quality toilet, we know that with the improvement of living standards to improve our aesthetic is in constant change, such as design and decorate our house is in constant change, different forms, and there are a lot of novel design, such as some curious toilet design. A lot of friends will fish at home, so have you ever thought the fish tank and the toilet design together, there is a strange shape on the market of toilet, called aquarium toilet, the toilet flush water tank is composed of three water tank. The front is a fish tank, there are fish and aquatic plants, back, there are two water tank, water and drain tank. Product appearance for the common toilet, inside the toilet can fish, through the unique patented technology can guarantee that in the toilet in use process will not take the fish away. Intelligent toilet manufacturers think that design of the toilet on the sense is good, the tank is put the toilet right so that we can see in the toilet, cleaning, feel better.
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