Intelligent toilet manufacturer share key clean toilet seat

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-12
Smart toilet manufacturer: timely cleaning the toilet inside the toilet easily infected with urine and feces, and if it is found that remains after flushing remnants, must be timely with the toilet brush to clean clean, otherwise easy to form macular stains, mildew and bacteria. Besides apertures, near the toilet of outlet and the base of the lateral is a dirty place, when cleaning the toilet seat first sparring, lavatory agent and spray inside, after a few minutes, thoroughly with a toilet brush scrub it again, it is best to fine head of the brush, so better able to clean the toilet and apertures around the inner depths. Then scrub base and other gaps. Smart toilet manufacturer: fudan university school of public health professor YuQingFu pointed out that the survey found that 32% of the toilet had dysentery bacillus, one called 'in the song dynasty' dysentery bacillus of survival time for 17 days on the toilet seat; Another experiment report also notes that will be 100 million polio virus into the toilet, splashed the virus on the seat has 3000. At the same time, a lot of people like winter position a flannelette gasket on the toilet, it is easier to adsorption, retention discharge pollutants, more likely to spread disease. So polluted place exactly and people come into contact with the skin the most 'intimate', so to focus on cleaning, every application diluted household disinfectant wipes a day or two. As for the cloth washer best without, if must use, should often clean disinfection. If there are conditions, might as well change a has antibacterial function and implement of the splash design.
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