【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 The benefits of the smart LIDS

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-28
With the development of The Times, from the ancient to the present toilet closestool, toilet cover is not far behind. Automatic toilet cover the humanized operation into the toilet, toilet convenient life is good. But for many users intelligent toilet cover is a strange but familiar articles for daily use. Intelligent toilet cover is a component, the inside of the intelligent toilet for intelligent toilet cover this product, you know how many? Below small make up to you about the benefits of using intelligent toilet cover: the benefits of the intelligent toilet cover: 1, wash clean with warm water every day more than three times the anus, anal sphincter outside because of the influence of the water column massage and warm and moist, improve venous blood circulation is helpful to health. And you can wash the toilet paper to wipe the dirt between the fold. 2, avoid bacteria infection around the anus in more than one thousand fold in the breeding of anal disease bacteria, our country has more than 40% of people because of the anus diseases, and the representation in the wash machine widely used in advanced countries is roots can't find in. Clinical trials prove that the use of the intelligent toilet in Japan widely rate add together has reduced the incidence of cervical cancer in women. Men and women over the age of 40, prone to a variety of sexually transmitted disease, gynecopathy is related to the day habit of impurity. Warm water wash not only clean the anal function and women-only flush function, can be useful to avoid all sorts of bacterial infections, and use warm water wash after fresh feelings helps ease by illness puzzled. 3, avoid hemorrhoids, constipation, use toilet paper is not wipe clean dirt around the anus folds. Use warm water wash every day and the warm wind drying not only affect the surrounding capillaries to promote muscle lax and blood circulation, avoid hemorrhoids, constipation, can disconnect hemorrhoids surgery more pain. Flushing device not only water temperature, adjustable temperature, drying temperature, water pressure also has four shift scheduling, and massage can be set ( Water pressure size change wash) Flush function and synchronization performance before and after the move. 4, cleaning, avoid cancer women demand adhere to wash the body. In the physiological period, leucorrhea before and after long because of peculiar smell makes people upset, can each use wash machine to wash, disposal of troubles and avoid all kinds of disease of department of gynaecology, and in the bedroom use cleaner scour, before and after very good prevent cervical cancer. 5, care for pregnant women in pregnancy or postpartum anal and vaginal cleaning around is important, therefore many hospitals in order to help pregnant women cleaning and promoting blood circulation are start using electronic flushing. Use wash machine not only feeling fresh and help postpartum recovery. 6, to protect the obese the elderly body resistance is weak, and intelligent implement a function key work automatically. Warm water to clean, warm wind drying up automatically flush away work automatically. Robust function's body is not convenient to not worry about the toilet problem, adhere to the excellent clean body is conducive to health. Especially in patients with stroke, hypertension, obesity without other help also can dispose of all sorts of questions. 7, avoid constipation in children children prey to cold and toilet paper to wipe the vague pain with fear, so often appear unable to lavatory, can endure the endure, children form habits overnight sex constipation. And intelligent implement can completely disposal of the above questions, make the children happy in time using the toilet. Intelligent toilet manufacturer focus on intelligent home, intelligent closestool, intelligent toilet cover, customer demand is our goal, by its exquisite technology, advanced technology, perfect after-sales service and highly around the user's preference, and enjoy high reputation.
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