Intelligent toilet manufacturer to add color to the spring home outfit

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
Spring is a season of outfit, most owners will choose this season because the weather gets warmer in spring, the indoor air flow is accelerated, with one or two months time to decorate finished, ventilation effect is many times faster than the winter. But this time, the intelligent toilet manufacturers sell propaganda slogan is to play out. Market sales skill a lot, intelligent toilet manufacturer price refers to the wholesale price, the quality of the same premise, the price is much lower than the store. To be truly smart toilet manufacturers sell store, unless the supplier also in the promotion, to the agent a very cheap price, otherwise, it is a kind of sales strategy, rather than the real benefits. Store in the market also has many is the manufacturer's stores, like Kang Qi technology such as intelligent toilet manufacturer. Stores in order to stabilize the market price, especially closestool, pulled out a few intelligence on consumers, these a few intelligent toilet all according to the ex-factory price for selling price, really adds a lot of colors for the spring home outfit.
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