Intelligent toilet manufacturer to buy small strategy

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-14
Intelligent toilet small guide details of choose and buy one: safety first when the second choose whether intelligent toilet cover or a whole rows of intelligent closestool, involve the function of water supply, such as seat heating, warm air drying, automatic flushing, etc. So on the choice must find high safety coefficient, at the same time, in line with national safety standards of the intelligent toilet. Also, check whether the materials added flame retardants. Detail 2: practical rigid demand and ordinary toilet in contrast, the function of the intelligent toilet more powerful, antibacterial deodorant, automatic flushing, seat heating, etc. , but remind everyone here, function of intelligent toilet also is not complete, the more the better, generally have toilets just like seat heating, warm water wash, warm air drying, the basic function such as automatic deodorization. Details: three energy-saving nots allow to ignore the intelligence of water-saving toilet is a good toilet, whether intelligent toilet is true of water-saving, besides the water, hedge net rate, flush distance, power consumption, odor-proof functions also cannot be ignored. Such as the clean rate is insufficient, a blunt not clean, need to wash a few times repeatedly, 'water saving' becomes a fee water, so wash the best can do 30% wash and 70% wash, clean energy saving one pace reachs the designated position. Detail four: after-sales service is the key of intelligent toilet while using high-tech production, but with long time would be hard to avoid some small problems, combined with its intelligent and electronic sex, make its maintenance method is more complicated than traditional toilet, so we must ask when buy warranty and detailed terms.
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