Intelligent toilet manufacturer to improve quality can be based on the market

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-17
A few years ago, our domestic people to travel to Japan, will bring the intelligence of a Japanese toilet cover, saying is of good quality and good performance. Although it is a kind of suit, but still feel quite as smart toilet manufacturer not taste. Why our domestic intelligent toilet won't get the trust of the people? Intelligent toilet manufacturer must not tolerate such a thing happening again, so we have to think of some way to improve the quality of their products and performance. Improve quality to upgrade equipment, automated assembly line, by promoting enterprise promote intelligent processing technology of the operating system. Strengthening laboratory construction, improving enterprise on-line detection conditions, improve enterprise product quality self-check level. As intelligent toilet manufacturer, in addition to improve the equipment of the enterprise, but also make the user experience and customer service in the late. Comprehensive provide high quality service, to base on the market.
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