Intelligent toilet manufacturer to open the quality to be completed

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
According to zhejiang TV reported on February 24, the morning of February 23, the intelligent toilet quality quality crucial plan launched in taizhou, is starting the quality of the intelligent toilet manufacturer to be completed. As our economic growth by the rapid development into the high speed development, the reform also arises at the historic moment of the supply side, intelligent toilet reform in the way of the industry is on the supply side. Organizers of the intelligent toilet quality crucial planning activities for the general administration of quality supervision, inspection bureau, to undertake unit of taizhou city, zhejiang province people's government, from 200 the country's political, production, study and research, inspection and other representatives from all walks of life focus taizhou GongYi intelligent toilet products industry development. Event announced a crucial project schedules: march to may, the intelligent toilet manufacturer cooperation, actively cooperate with, crucial quality related work. To the end of may, achievements exhibition in taizhou. June to August, quality inspection agencies will carry out intelligent toilet quality comparison between China and Japan, have a look at our smart toilet closestool with Japan there is much difference, find the direction of next step. From September to October, the intelligent toilet manufacturer to carry out the special quality spot checks, and to test results and quality improvement results posted at the end of October. November to December, a unit of summary in this stage results and the shortage of goals for the next step work. And by the end of December of the intelligent toilet engines. The status quo of our domestic intelligent toilet industry is a complete industrial chain, large market, but the core technology is weak, most of the intelligent toilet manufacturer core technology still needs to import. So, our next goal is to increase the intensity of research, the core of innovation out among the world's highest technology, master the core competitiveness!
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