Intelligent toilet manufacturer to reveal exactly do you want to flush the toilet cover the lid

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
I believe you should have noticed this problem: flush the toilet, is there a cover with lid? Some people to notice this problem, will think flush the toilet, if you don't cover toilet cover, will give rushed up to the bacteria. So if this is true, intelligent toilet manufacturer an experiment to tell you the answer. Let's pour into dry ice inside the toilet, dry ice will sink to the bottom, press the switch moment of toilet, dry ice started up skirts, drifted to the nose and mouth, it is worth mentioning that our lab technician is height of 1 meter 8 strong man. Experts point out that water will generate flow, in the process of flow down all the more urgent, the greater the faster the air flow, the higher it gone with the wind. The samples we are analyzed in the air, mainly contain gambogic micrococcus, bacillus subtilis, e. coli bacteria, such as aspergillus Niger, candida albicans, red yeast, mucor and aspergillus flavus. In our normal life environment is actually exist, just some low resistance, low immunity and sucked in it may cause disease. So when flush the toilet or need cover toilet cover, prevent fecal bacteria spillover. Intelligent toilet manufacturer also suggested, still had better use some sterilization device, toilet is, after all, a place of shelter evil people and practices need to pay special attention to the health of toilet.
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