Intelligent toilet manufacturer to support telecom fraud

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
Yes the rapid development of science and technology has made our life, we go out don't have to take a lot of cash, bank CARDS, even if a mobile phone can fix all our intelligent toilet manufacturer also benefited from the development of science and technology for the general customers developed can automatic heating cleaning hip intelligent toilet. However, the disadvantages of science and technology is a two-edged it brings also is to be reckoned with. Telecom fraud case in recent years, last year, we have happened in foshan area two diddle undergraduates were victims killed, the national people's harrowing experience. Government since last year we intensified the efforts on fighting telecom fraud, if released the money through bank ATM self-service equipment to other peer account transfer, the day can not be real-time to account, the new rule. For the new regulations, all employees of the intelligence barrels horse manufacturer said very helpless, everyone is talking about the 'efficiency and security which is light or heavy' problem. Small make up that this provision does not fundamentally solve the problem of telecom fraud, a snake to seven inches, regulation of telecom fraud to seize the fundamental, 'ATM withdrawal fast' is the account's biggest security hidden danger. And, of course, improve the citizens' awareness and prevention telecom fraud must work to do. Our smart toilet manufacturer will give employees on a regular basis to carry out the fraud prevention knowledge popularization, the liar never hate, but we also don't let them get away with that way, don't covet petty gain, transfer confirmation before such identity each other must have the basic common sense!
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