【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 What's the size of the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-28
Family is decorated is a common project in our lives, for home supplies are very attention, when we were in decorating toilet is selected will select intelligent toilet is also very important. Due to the use of the toilet is easy for us is very important, and the choice of intelligent toilet is also very important. So, what's the size of the intelligent toilet, what methods intelligent toilet buying? Below by the company's staff to introduce: intelligent toilet door is not the same as in the home, everyone to anwar super model of spiral type water saving mute, for example, toilet closestool measurement standard is from the pit, basically is from 300 to 400, but also reserve tank position, if you install the toilet choose the line type, this hole is usually open 30 cm, this is a standard size! At least 50 cm, less than the size you use toilet must be uncomfortable. It is strongly recommended that you should choose length is less than 700 mm when the choose and buy closestool, otherwise the future use of space is very cramped. The size of the intelligent toilet 1, width is the toilet, because there's a difference, modelling different implement width is different, but generally is 30 cm - 50CM 。 For general fat people, 50 cm width is also no problem! Height of the not very care about toilet, usually the toilet height 70 cm! Smaller length 70 cm, 62 cm, this is how it works! 2, is the toilet sewage caliber, generally is 30 cm and 40 centimeters, 35 cm has! Intelligent toilet method of choose and buy a big installation requirements, exterior differences different intelligent toilet seat and intelligent models vary widely. Intelligent toilet is all-in-one, intelligent toilet cover is removable and can be and all kinds of ordinary toilet matching parts. Model differences, intelligent toilet cover will be more trouble than intelligent toilet before the choose and buy, need to understand the dimensional parameters of the ordinary toilet in the home, can buy the matching home toilet cover, or buy back after installation, the white bought. Intelligent toilet don't have the trouble, can choose a right into the toilet. Second, the function is the same details will look from the function, the basic function of between them are similar. Seat heating, hip washing, women wash, warm air drying, and other functions, they all have. But the respect is designed in detail, there will be differences. Toilets will have more advantages in division of functions, such as washing, the design of the intelligent toilet there will be many, like water, the design of the nozzle, etc. , of the intelligent toilet water use is 'become soft oxygen kinetic energy' cleaning technology, and the nozzle design into two, hip wash and wash separately, more health. Smart toilet, in order to simplify the operation is elaborate. A key button, simplified remote control and user Settings button continuously to optimize design. Intelligent toilet seats are usually using an operation panel, some of these operation panel can take out some panel is fixed on the side, a relatively rigid and cumbersome. Three, price, intelligent toilet cover obvious advantages on the market intelligence are generally in the 1000 - seat average 2000 in the majority, and intelligent closestool above average in 3000, the price of the price gap is very big still. Choose intelligent toilet seat or smart, small make up feel if you advise or the choose and buy bridal chamber decorates a smart toilet, higher levels are more dignified appearance, if is secondary to decorate the home of ordinary toilet performance good then can consider to buy a smart toilet cover more cost-effective. For intelligent toilet cover, due to the plate and the toilet is separate, there will be restrictions on the hardware, so in order to co-operate with ordinary toilet, not too many of the design.
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