Intelligent toilet manufacturer with experts tell you, what is good

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-19
Many people have a certain bias on the toilet, especially the harm to women is more numerous, but in fact normal manufacturer production intelligent closestool does not exist the so-called harm, this requires that we do not covet petty gain when the choose and buy, try to choose the big brand produced by the smart toilet, both in after-sales and security issues have certain security. First general toilet we all know, all the year round is ice ice, hard to avoid lets a person feel uncomfortable. And the intelligent toilet seat with automatic heating mode, lets you even in winter also have comfortable bathroom experience. Secondly is the intelligent toilet clean effect, make after we said goodbye to the toilet paper, on the one hand, reduce the use of paper, on the other hand also effectively reduce the growth of bacteria. Again, smart toilet can be automatically drainage. Part of this can even think of the toilet. And intelligent toilet also is not to say that you want to install can be installed directly, also have relation with the size of the space, if you want to install smart toilet, you are advised to consultant in advance.
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