Intelligent toilet mat in the advantages of to prevent bacterial infection

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-24
For intelligent closestool mat, many people are not very familiar with, because most of a family in our country is still in use common closestool mat, but in the domestic each big entertainment, leisure, beauty, hotels, airports and other public places has been in the use of intelligent closestool mat, because these places on health security more seriously, the guest the consumer place sanitation requirements are more demanding. On the domestic market at present there are two kinds of intelligent closestool mat, one kind is with cleaning, heating, and other functions of the toilet mat, the second is for automatic change of the thin film of intelligent closestool mat, the third is in set and the intelligent toilet cleaning pad, and the third is the technological innovation of new products, is a with the function of sterilization, deodorant, such as music smart toilet mat, in the most common to high middle-grade hotel, entertainment, etc. Utilization rate is not high, in domestic family intelligent closestool mat in the domestic development prospects, many manufacturers are doing a lot of propaganda work, hope that more families realize intelligent toilet mat various technical advantage. Everybody understanding of intelligent closestool mat is one of the reasons why not to choose it enough, now it's time to learn about the intelligent toilet mat some additional features, such as the nozzle functions of self-cleaning, smelly, light illumination, women-only flushing, automatic flip or remote clamshell, sterilization, etc. , these features practicability is strong, is designed in order to ensure the safety of the family of the toilet. To know the average toilet seat have our naked eye cannot see very small organisms, but it's hard to see with the naked eye, we so can be ignored, intelligent toilet mat to prevent bacterial infection has incomparable advantage over ordinary toilet. Relevant tags:
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