Intelligent toilet meticulous care for you

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-19
Initially appears intelligent toilet, many people will question, is it not on a toilet, which come so much thing? But once you have experienced, you will be attracted to it humanized design and experience, unable to extricate themselves. We all had that experience, go to the toilet, in the winter of bottom after exposure to cold toilet seat, that kind of pain. Intelligent implement own toilet seat heating function, can let your small fart fart in winter from this pain. In addition to let you say goodbye to the icy toilet seat, intelligent implement with automatic cleaning function, at first glance this seems of little use, but ten nine hemorrhoids, when you are in a particular period of time, use rough paper can't save you, at this time, an intelligent toilet can unlock the function of clear, let you from the suffering of the flesh. After the completion of the cleaning and open drying function, immediately return you dry. As long as after intelligent toilet experience, you will know the charm of it, give you meticulous care, make you more comfortable to enjoy a better life.
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