Intelligent toilet odor removal methods

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-14
Smart toilet, toilet and sewage is the most easy to smell, a lot of people for this trouble, so what. What should I do? Take a look at the following life little common sense is introduced, you will know what to do! 1, clean deodorant law: the inside of the toilet smell is largely produced by the toilet, this needs to clean toilet, had better choose clean lavatory agent, the scent of dual-use cleaning and deodorization, the effect will be better. 2, deodorization method: matches deodorization technique to believe is a lot of people know that the deodorization methods, main cross match and let it fully into the toilet, after burning or indoor toilet, after the match the phosphorus composition of combustion can effectively remove the toilet stench. 3, coke deodorization method: many people don't know actually coke and deodorization function, into the coke in the toilet, to remove bad smell, it is very good. 4, fruit deodorization method: fruit also is very good in addition to flavor agent, such as pears, cantaloup, small pumpkin, put them on closestool cistern, already environmental protection also have health benefits.
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