Intelligent toilet of the common problems and solutions

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-07
More and more consumers like to buy on the net smart toilet. Toilet is one of the families necessary toilet supplies, its importance is self-evident. But after a long time use, intelligent toilet is also hard to avoid can appear some problem. Fail don't panic, you how to troubleshoot and processing, the pertinence analysis to solve the problem? Below I to tell you: intelligent toilet electricity? A: the function of the intelligent toilet consumes most everyone here on the heated, but the temperature can be adjusted, but the cold season, the most cheap can meet the needs of daily, more energy saving province electricity. Intelligent toilet suction big? A: most intelligent toilet adopts spiral siphon flush, can be truly without water pressure limitation, even low home water pressure again also need not worry about wipe clean. Intelligent toilet flushing pp clean? Answer: intelligent toilet flushing mode can be divided into: women wash, buttock to wash. Can move, can control the flow strength, rinse clean. Before there is a small experiment validate the intelligent toilet water than the more traditional paper to wipe clean. Smart toilet warm wind drying function can really dry? Answer: drying function of the intelligent toilet, hot air can the wind blow dry, according to their own need to adjust, the greater the wind blow dry faster. Also affects the area of effect, the greater the coverage of the better the results. The noise of intelligent toilet use big? A: original damping device for the intelligent toilet seat cover, then cover and seat in the process of whereabouts remain slow down, mute design, not to disturb the family to have a rest. Intelligent toilet jams easily? A: intelligent toilet has large suction, as long as not to drop the toilet not blunt sundry, won't cause blockage. If you're using intelligent toilet is encounter these problems, you can collect these now, the product by its exquisite technology, advanced technology, perfect after-sales service and highly around the user's preference, and enjoy high reputation. The famous is intelligent toilet seat and smart.
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