Intelligent toilet paper cushion against bacteria

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-11
Intelligent toilet seat from a paper, single use of BMI by weight whether healthy BMI is many physicians determine whether body mass health standards, but obesity experts in the study, points out that BMI is often ignored how much body fat 'have' and 'waist size', and the two often is the key to measure a number of disease risk. Second, only eat no gluten bread unless you are a few by celiac disease burden of patients, or bran environment the human body is harmless. Study found that, in fact, some people will be mild abdominal distension and indigestion after eating, mainly associated with wheat, rather than by the gluten shadow three, almond milk healthier? Some people like almond milk, feel better than malt, chocolate milk. But studies have found that almond contains no nutrients, almond, more than 2% of them if you really want to drink of health, suggest choose whole milk or low-fat fresh milk is better. Four, the juice will be squeezed into juice, fresh fruit and vegetables will be one of the most important fiber filter out entirely, some nutrient will be lost; If the sugar in the fruit juice, it will lose the value of the fruit. Five, don't eat only eat protein, egg yolk in the past, some experts shows that eating too much egg yolk will make cholesterol is high, the elderly should be avoided. But there are more and more studies pointed out that the bravery of alcohol from your diet, actually does not affect the blood cholesterol levels, so need not too alarmist to give up such a good nutrition.
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