Intelligent toilet price hinder the development

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-09
Guangdong toilet: intelligent toilet cover the products has been into a history of 10 years, but still not high popularity in our country, most people can't understand the benefits of practical intelligent toilet cover, most of the time or entanglements the problem of intelligent toilet cover price, than the average toilet seems to satisfy his needs. Indeed, intelligent toilet cover partial expensive, even appear easily tens of thousands of products, is a big burden to many families. But there are a lot of people do not face up to the function of the intelligent toilet cover, it is not only meet the requirements of the clean when we go to the toilet, more time is to maintain our health. You know, a lot of times we are after using the toilet clean way is wrong, can have bacterial growth in the past for a long time, in addition to different people have different ways to clean, clean is more attention should be paid to female physiology period, for example, these are a lot of people ignored. In addition, intelligent toilet cover also can effectively solve the problems of the people in the long-term constipation, help function effectively stimulate human body rectum, help smooth clean waste, we let the body more healthy. With these functions, we'll look at smart toilet cover, price is also really flashy? Intelligent toilet has basic popularity abroad, our neighbours: Japan and South Korea, the penetration of intelligent toilet is over 75%, the data reflects the development of the intelligent toilet prospect is considerable. For the vast number of consumers, generally new product has a process from cognitive to accept to chase.
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