【 Intelligent toilet ranking 】 One of the ten famous brands in toilets

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-07
Today is an era of intelligence, in the face of our smart home, it has brought a lot of changes to our lives, in the face of a variety of smart design on the market today, whether you also in thought, in a few years intelligent household will become? Product that defend bath is not exceptional also, from ancient portable toilet to modern toilet water tank to intelligent toilet closestool, reflects the progress of The Times and constantly satisfy people's demand for health, environmental protection, easy to use. Market is so strong, especially for consumers have never used a smart toilet, to choose which brand is good? Let me to popularize it below 20180 big smart toilet brand: intelligent toilet ten big brands: humanities Japanese cultural brand by the founder of wei yu sakata nanmu was founded in 1990, the first batch of products production in 1994, just a ordinary ceramic toilet factory at the earliest. Pre-production ceramic closestool is mainly for the major Japanese hot spring hotel, every ship the toilet after artificial carefully check. As living standards improve, the humanities bathroom product line has been extended to intelligent bathroom era, becoming one of the most popular Japanese households wei yu brand in many Japanese stores have independent counters. Intelligent toilet ten big brands: TOTO TOTO by Japan's National People's Congress warehouse and was founded in 1917, originally named Oriental ceramics co. , later renamed the TOTO, voted by China ceramic sanitary ware brand net 2013 China ten big brand 'wei yu. TOTO is the earliest production of the intelligent toilet cover brand, launched in the 80 s or so very mature products. As a well-known Japanese brand, TOTO sanitary ware industry in China has a larger influence, TOTO brand smart toilet cover the function is all ready, the quality pass, but the recent innovation function less, rely mainly on advance sales growth in China market. Smart toilet ten big brands: Fred Fred intelligent sanitary ware, focus on providing customers with 'international, intelligent, high-end sanitary ware products, including smart shower room, luxury shower room, toilets and high-end showers, the bathroom hardware, etc. , in the guarantee the product that defend bath originally the pursuit of health, healthy, comfortable, more to satisfy personalized high-end consumers, multi-function sex bathroom experience requirements, such as open China hutch defends' think tank 'era. Fred intelligent toilet has the world's top intelligence science and technology, will be beautiful and fashionable, healthy and comfortable design, and advanced intelligent core technology which gives them, powerful, beautiful style. Fred has participated 'Oscar that defend bath,' said the Shanghai exhibition, wei yu several times won the title of 'intelligent sanitary ten big brands. Intelligent toilet ten big brands: nine since it was founded in 1990, nine animal husbandry developing rapidly, conform to the trend of economic transformation and upgrading, response to a national strategy of 'area', on the supply side in the big tide of reform, implementing global household custom strategic overhaul layout. From the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, balcony, ceramic, stone, the whole house water system; Integrated design, logistics and other cross-border industrial resources, the introduction of the world's top brands, from the client to the factory side C2F open in an all-round way. With the five-star custom shop more than four thousands worldwide, more than fifty thousand sales outlets, in the international market, focus on 'neighbourhood' all the way along the country, mergers and acquisitions and international localization operation to develop overseas market. One-stop service with 'generic household custom solutions. Smart toilet ten big brands:
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