Intelligent toilet really worth buying?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-30
Intelligent toilet is good, even the people you know; For your PP from daily rubbish to wipe the nausea, in fact you are determined to do it, but when you know it, you will be dizzy, you didn't get anything, you are afraid to buy the wrong thing, PP has been delayed. First of all, when it comes to price, the introductory style in the basic 5000 intelligent toilet, expensive is a bit expensive, but the integration of design is very suitable for Chinese family, because of China's bathroom do dry wet depart, a relatively safe and beautiful; But the shortcomings are obvious, suitable for the new decoration; The cost of maintenance trival is also high. Intelligent toilet seat is a common toilet and the combination of the smart cover, easy to operate, the price is low, about 2000 or so you can start; Easy tear open outfit, low maintenance cost, but also has faults, is not suitable for all models, toilet and dry wet depart should be done well, otherwise easy to short circuit wet. The choice of hot basically is beyond dispute. Heat storage components of power between 300 and 500 W, a hot water supply only 15 s / 30, wait for next time use for 10 minutes. On the other hand, because of the water tank, so we need continuous cyclic heating and power consumption. Secondary pollution is also easy to produce. Type that is to say, heat the high-power heater more than 1 week, can produce hot water immediately after instantaneous heating, hot water can continuously supply, no water tank structure, no secondary pollution and repeated heating, at the same time, because there is no water tank, a space is opposite bigger, will be more comfortable to sit in. Water flushing mode is divided into several patterns: normal mode, the pulse mode, rhythm, rotating and wide impact mode. In the third gear, under the pressure of sensitive user will have a slight tingling, if fire fully open, can produce an enema of illusion. Toto and kohler. Relative to the flow of water, rotation and pulse flushing is much more gentle, water injection and pp in the contact area is much larger, so the massage effect is much larger, panasonic is mainly to do so. When choosing smart toilet enclosure, flush mode is the key factor for comfort. In addition to the wide water, all the way to flushing shall be equipped with portable sprinkler.
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