Intelligent toilet remote control does not respond to how to do better?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-31
As one of the many intelligent products, intelligent toilet is no exception. Compared with ordinary toilet, intelligent toilet brings us feel more comfortable and more convenient, but after a long time, the use of intelligent toilet inevitably there will be some problem, is not only a common toilet failure problems, but also smart. The high-tech products occasionally also can appear problem. So smart toilet remote control does not respond to how to do better? Next, let's take a look. 1. Check intact intelligent toilet remote intelligent toilet don't respond, open the remote control may be problems with the remote control, can also be smart toilet out of the question. 'at this point, we must first get rid of the remote control. Let me see if can also charge the battery in the remote control. If there is electricity, then look at the toilets, remote control on the metal rusted batteries, if rust also need to be processed in a timely manner. 2. How to use intelligent toilet remote control at the same time, we need to look at the intelligent toilet remote network equipment is normal connection, if the connection is normal, we can restart the network first, do some debugging, if it still doesn't work, you need to look at the intelligent toilet components if there is a problem in the remote control. 'this operation can only by the manufacturer to deal with. 3. The matters that should be paid attention to when using the intelligent toilet toilets in the course of everyday use, should pay attention to keep the toilet dry, do not often use on the control panel or some liquid control panel and remote control, toilet so it is easy to damage the internal components of toilet. 'at the same time, if smart toilet for a long time no use, you must remember to turn off the power supply, otherwise, if you're not using it for a long time, but power supply has been a long time, it is easy to waste of resources. On the other hand, this is also the loss of the intelligent toilet.
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