Intelligent toilet's popularity soared

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-02
With the improvement of living standards, the popularity of rising sharply. Intelligent toilet easy to use? Many people have this problem. Today we'll start with a few categories of people, let's talk about this topic. The Gospel hemorrhoids hemorrhoids patients on pins and needles, there are also some private topic, so a lot of people say a word. It is understood that in addition to traditional therapy, the doctor also began to advise patients using smart toilet. The function of the intelligent washing on the one hand, can reduce the wipe paper friction of hemorrhoids stimulation; Hips, on the other hand, fold, cleaning can be achieved, clean. Therefore, for patients with hemorrhoids, intelligent toilet is very easy to use. Cold area intelligence is one of the most popular function of toilet seat ring heating. This is why smart toilet first began to use particularly popular in the northeast. But the northern people rely on central heating in the winter, while southerners rely on good faith? Go to the bathroom in the vast south, winter really need courage. The intelligent toilet implement heating function is a good way to solve this problem, you will love it. This is the friend of women women in both suitable for smart toilet. First, the female physiology period, take care of the private sector is particularly important. Warm water wash, warm air drying function, very sweet, also save trouble. Second, the body during pregnancy is not convenient, smart toilet easy-to-use properties could be felt again, need not bow to wipe. Conclusion: the above is for three kinds of people, answer questions on intelligent toilet is convenient to use. Different people have different needs, so for the intelligent toilet is easy to use and have different function point. When considering the function of the intelligent toilet, we give priority to the user community, to ensure that we can buy a good smart toilet.
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