Introduction to the toilet installation points intelligent toilet manufacturer

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
Most people life may be using only one or two toilet, so at the time of purchase, it is important to note that although not must buy expensive, but must buy a more let a person feel comfortable. But today intelligent toilet manufacturer to the forehead and don't want to share to buy tips, let's talk about the installation time need to pay attention to several points. Usually after our acceptance after buy began to install. Although said the toilet would pass strict quality inspection before they go out, but one thing to remember, no matter how strictly, do not rule out have defective products into the market, so must be in front of the merchants when buy unpacking inspection, check whether there are obvious defects. To the discharge pipes before installation closestool to conduct a comprehensive inspection, look at whether there is sediment, waste paper and other debris inside the pipeline jam, and check whether the height of the toilet installation location level. If found not level, to timely to leveling the ground. After the installation of debugging, check the water pipe, water 3 - 5 minutes wash pipe, to ensure the cleaning of tap water, check the inlet valve into the water and the sealing is normal. Finally, the experiment of toilet drainage effect, will everything good debugging, use the toilet water, and if the water and quickly, water flow, if not, whether to consider the toilet have blocked. Toilet is very important, although it is not that have a presence, but small make up, said that it is just as important as the bed, even the importance of it more than a bed.
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