Japanese toilets and domestic intelligent toilet parade

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-07
Now many domestic people for nissan's product is preferred, and has become a trend, many families are can choose and buy imported products, such as toilet cover, etc. It is well known that all went to Japan a crazy purchase of the intelligent toilet deeds, take a look at below! The first generation of smart toilet originated in the United States, the initial age and for medical care, there is the function of warm water to clean. Later after Japan TOTO brand introduce improved development, one-piece reservoir type of the second generation of intelligent toilet was born, it can stimulate the anus sphincter, improve the vein blood circulation, can wash the toilet paper to wipe between the fold of the dirty things, solve the problem of customer clean and comfortable. The current intelligent toilet seats in foreign developed countries has been widespread concern. Japan and South Korea is the highest countries in the intelligent toilet penetration, by 2016, penetration rate of 81% in Japan, South Korea penetration rate is 50%, the penetration rate of 47%, European penetration rate of 39%, while in China, the intelligent toilet penetration rate is only 1%. The consumption upgrade in recent years, China has begun to catch up. Intelligent toilet swift development trend in China, it is a key part of the whole space that defend bath consumption upgrade, estimated that 10 years after the annual sales of 100 million units. In fact, the domestic research and development production and marketing of intelligent heated then of course also for 20 years, the catalyst of deodorant, automatic heating, cleaning, drying, lighting function development is relatively mature, compared to domestic intelligent toilet is not so widely used products technology isn't weak in Japan, even more suitable for China's toilet use compared with Japanese goods. Usually prompt consumers to produce purchase behavior on two factors: quality and price, if a product quality assurance, price is moderate, is undoubtedly to consumer products. Royalstar appliance production has more than 10 years experience, work closely with foreign big companies, smart toilet seats in the 1000 - market price Around 2000, cost-effective and perfect after-sales service, opened a red carpet service, it is also the first time in domestic. A qualified intelligent toilet cover, usually with heating, washing, drying three big functions, high-end products will also be a self-cleaning ultraviolet sterilization, nozzle, distinguish between men's and women's way of washing and deodorization etc advanced skills. Is one of the most popular acclaim in winter by heating and the function of the toilet flush, can not only save the toilet mat change of trouble, also have certain help for hemorrhoids prevention and mitigation. Intelligent toilet according to seat pressure, automatically identify whether someone is using the toilet, at the same time start the intelligence function, three temperature, cushion can be adjusted according to their own preferences, for everyone, every day the body needs. Automatic warm wind drying, automatic flushing, automatic deodorization, easy, clean and pure and fresh. Eliminate peculiar smell, the user the household environment of lower carbon, healthy and comfortable.
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