LIDS of aseptic

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-09
Sit implement, guangdong: flush the toilet every time, it looks like the fast-flowing water swept away with bacteria, but studies have pointed out that just finished flush toilet wall, bacteria is still as high as 100000. If you flush when opens in the toilet cover, inside the toilet of instantaneous cyclone highest bacteria and microorganisms could be taken 6 meters high in the air, and floating in the air for a few hours, these invisible water may carry germs, into the surrounding walls and item. Guangdong implement said, compared with the inner wall of the toilet, toilet seat and a toilet crouched outside is bacterial colonies. Intelligent toilet cover of antibacterial circle adopted advanced bacteriostatic ABS material to effectively prevent the bacteria to breed and grow of, can keep bacteriostatic effect. Due to the seat with antibacterial masterbatch, which contain nanoscale silver ions, so can have the antibacterial effect. Nano silver antibacterial sterilization mechanism is to people and no damage to the environment, 'physical method' of this is because the nano silver will not leave the carrier into the air and the body, but like a magnet, like adsorption dust adsorption live bacteria, making them unable to breed breed, even if the bacteria died, also won't let go of them and pollute the environment. Intelligent toilet manufacturer, said also silver nanoparticles can enter the bacteria, microbial cells of the respiratory system and transmission system, so as to kill bacteria; The other is due to the catalysis of silver nanoparticles, oxidation and the dissolved oxygen in the water into the reactive oxygen species, so as to achieve the antibacterial effect. Its antimicrobial longevity is synchronized with seat life. Guangdong implement said, therefore, intelligent toilet cover antibacterial function is a scientific basis, if the family conditions allow, or buy the function of intelligent toilet cover more practical.
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