Maintenance techniques of intelligent toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-20
Intelligent implement brought a lot of convenience to our life, DNA occasionally bring some small spice to our life, make you a little worried, but this may be because you're not for a good maintenance in our daily life. Small make up today about the intelligent toilet maintenance techniques and share with you. First of all, intelligent implement belong to our household electrical appliances, electrical appliances to shut off the power when maintenance, air conditioning TV washing machine to be able to remember, smart toilet also need to always remember, make sure the power light is turned off on the control panel began to clean, so as not to cause dangerous. Second, do not rinse directly, although intelligent toilet can also be waterproof, but is, after all, electric appliances, still need to pay attention to the notice, in order to avoid water flow into the motherboard, damage. Toilet is a wet place, so the dust will be less, daily use cloth to wipe clean can, if it is a very dirty, use a neutral detergent to wipe, do not use sharp objects scratching, easy to leave scratches, affect beautiful. If long time no one in the home, turn off the power and drain the water in the tank, so as to avoid breeding ground for bacteria. Intelligent toilet not is also very simple, as long as careful, keep health is not too difficult.
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