Manufacturer: toilet toilet doesn't fill what reason be

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-15
Guangdong toilet: know everyone in the household life ever encountered a toilet water tank without water, small make up have been met. Encountered a toilet water tank is not water really is a very troublesome thing, every time I run out of toilet have to pick up the water to flush the toilet, very trouble and inconvenient. Today is just like you don't flush toilet water tank water under analysis reason and solution. Open the have a button that cover, inside has a float, and see if it is stuck. May be there is a horse of something like glass stuck, move a slide down. Open the toilet lid check whether water tank without water floating ball sinking to the bottom, if no water in it at the top, floating ball is broken, can't sink in shuikou always in the closed position. Guangdong implement so no water, can also be overhauled other may cause, triangle valve is in open state, triangle, check and wire connection whether a head inside the wall is teflon tape block, open triangle valve opening and closing valve core is normal, water hose is unobstructed, sort of thing, you can be ruled out one thing at a time, if all that is about to consider the problem of pipe, whether or not the construction welding is blocked. And the tap water is less a problem. Is better toilet device inside also has a mesh, hydrating screen after a long time been too much scale blockage, tap water into the no. As long as it can remove the filter clean. Close the connection water tank inlet valve of the hose, otherwise, the operation will be water spray. A toilet again, the rest of the water tank of water. Using waste, such as a toothbrush, cleaning mesh. Better scale cleaner, no is usually not a problem, I just filter with scaling agent with blisters, especially clean, can also use this mixture poured some into filling water device, also can remove the inside of the scale. All clean. Along the water hoses, look under the toilet, a hexagonal nut of the hose and the tank filling water together, using a wrench, turn the nut along just in the position of the nut look up again, there may be a and nut the same position, same rotating, the same functionality, also turned down, my family is plastic, this I do not know other don't like this. After two working procedure, filling water device can take out from inside the toilet. Remove the filling water, see the inside tube in the middle there is a small square column, with a long nose pliers and you can see square column and filter is one of the out together.
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