Multi-functional intelligent toilet cover when selecting what need to pay attention to?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-04
Multi-functional intelligent toilet cover when selecting what need to pay attention to? Today, the market there are many types of multi-functional intelligent toilet cover, but not all models are suitable for, but the brand model number on the market, even if they know the choice that a few big brands, will also be in numerous products labyrinths. The multifunctional intelligent toilet cover when choose need to pay attention to? Foshan intelligent toilet manufacturer the following staff to introduce: because multi-functional intelligent toilet cover is electricity products, need to install the eye socket. When consumer is choosing, need to be before you choose to 'match' implement size like the palm of his hand, which ensures that in the later stages of the toilet cover installation problems. Different brands of toilet cover, still have certain requirements of the size of toilet, like sit implement the distance between mounting hole and seat there is a certain request, usually the distance between the less than 7 cm; And the distance between two mounting holes should be around 15 cm. Toilet cover is to use warm water, toilet is natural also need for toilet cover set aside special tap water pipeline, rather than using the loop filter treatment of water. First to eliminate heat accumulation type products intelligent toilet cover is an important link is to put into the water is heated, according to the different water heating mode can be divided into heat accumulation type and heat type. It is easy to understand, like storage water heater and the difference between the instant water heater, heat accumulation type intelligent toilet cover is equipped with a small water tank, when heated water is stored in the inside, i. e. thermal type intelligent toilet cover is directly through the heating device to heat the water. Health problems is no small matter above has said the health problems of the heat accumulation type intelligent toilet cover, but is not to say that you just can buy a i. e. thermal type products. For intelligent toilet cover, a lot of places there are health concerns, the impurities such as water pollution, and the place such as nozzle, the nozzle is easy to breed bacteria, so the need for purification, antibacterial treatment, intelligent toilet cover when the choose and buy health problem must not be ignored. Function is not the more the better of the intelligent toilet cover price difference is very big, in general, the more the more expensive product function, but also not to say that the function, the more the better, or to combine their own needs, or else a lot of functions not only increases the difficulty to use, completely is a waste not to use at ordinary times, can't pay for don't need to function. The following said intelligent toilet cover common features respectively. Seat heating in the winter especially, practical, and can completely to seat the icy touch, this is the most intelligent toilet cover some function.
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