Real are the selling points of the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-31
Age and intelligent toilet originated in the United States, for medical care, first with warm water cleaning equipment. After South Korea, Japan imported technology step by step to start producing sanitary ware company, increase the heating cover, warm water clean, warm wind drying, sterilization, etc. There are three kinds of intelligent toilet equipment on the market at present, one kind is with cleaning, heating and sterilization function of intelligent toilet, one kind is with functions of automatic replacement smart toilet, another kind is with functions of automatic replacement and cleaning toilets. Intelligent toilet, then, the real selling point is what? Let's take a look at the following: compared with the traditional toilet, intelligent toilet with automatic cleaning, automatic heating, sterilization, change, easy to use, clean sanitation, etc. Intelligent toilet function: 1, all the light touch button design, use more convenient, more thorough cleaning, stains don't leave a mark. 2. Nozzle is automatic cleaning. Shower before and after use will automatically clean, maintain clean sanitation. Three, two nozzles. Most of the cleaning, At the back) And special ( The front of the cleaning) 2 nozzle, according to the different USES to reach the washing effect. 4. Quiet and slow close function. Open the back seat, cap automatically shut down slowly, no noise. 5. Intelligent power saving. Have intelligent learning and memory function, can according to users' daily routine, automatic preheating temperature and portable seat, after using automatic stop heating, energy saving effect. 6. Seat induction. Close electromagnetic induction device if no induction of people sitting, flush switch will not be activated, don't worry about the wrong switch the embarrassment caused by the very human nature is changed. 7. Sit down. Direct contact with the skin seat part use flame retardant materials. Some intelligent toilet cover function is also improved, not only has the function of cleaning the buttocks users, but also for women and children have developed 'women cleaning' and 'children cleaning mode, in order to adjust the position of the effluent, strength and temperature. On this basis, also increased the self-purification function, make smart toilet of the nozzle is always kept clean.
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