Reasons for buying toilets

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-06
Life quality to leap, buying smart toilet reason smart toilet has three bubble automatic modes to choose from, can choose to use after the operation, for example, when a user is used every time the toilet, and leave the seat about 75 seconds after the bubble net function will run automatically, clean the toilet after may be the legacy of dirt. In the process of running, the toilet inside the nozzle will be rotary jet bubble, from left to right, from right to left all the time, to full cover type clean inside. Is another pattern of regular operation, users can choose automatic movement bubble net every 3 hours, so as to maintain the cleanness of all-weather. Final users to design a model to men, or open circle running, open the model, to urinate in a man every time raised his lap, bubble function run automatically, the foam covered with water, which have the effect of buffer splash, this design can man the Gospel. Intelligent toilet seat heating is a personal, it will automatically matters temperature heating to the human body, to the user experience more comfort. In addition, the night light function is designed to also make the old man was glad, it is more convenient to go to the toilet at night. Intelligent toilet and a very important function, that is drying function, and a lot of smart toilet cover on the market are not actually with the function of baking, barbie doll, but will sell at a discount greatly on experience. All-in-one besides have drying function, also can adjust the intensity of drying, better to meet the needs of the user's real drying, and the highest temperature can be set in 48 ℃ below. For many users poking fun at the intelligent toilet drying slow problem, you can choose to use toilet paper first stain absorption test, and then use the drying function of the intelligent toilet, such experience will be more convenient and quick. In the mode of water, the all-in-one adopt static spiral rinsing technology, will form a spiral when flushing strong currents, which can cover the whole toilet wall, wash up also won't left corner, at the same time also to have certain help for noise control. In the actual test, this smart toilet flushing of single time is about 15 s, after the rinse water running will stop immediately, won't produce noise for a long time. About 9 ( Close to the toilet cover test) Around 30 decibel, span, basically close to our expectation, used in the home environment is still more quiet.
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