Sanitary ware industry development will present the four trends

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
Because of the depressed real estate began to present the state of the wei yu that forced the slowdown in the pace of market development, brand war never stopped. In today's sanitary ware market, only to break through in the traditional management thinking of winning is possible. The future, may present a tendency of the big four sanitary ware industry development, industry transfer will become each big enterprise with emphasis. One, outstanding product environmental performance at present, although the focus on environmental protection and energy saving, personalization, etc by industry, but to do this little, most enterprises only take this propaganda. The most strict environmental laws has been implemented, the trend of environmental protection and energy saving will be later. In addition, 80, 90, has dominated the society gradually, will increase the demand for personalized, so personality and customized products will be a development trend. Two, let beat homogenize the present sanitary ware industry specialization is in competition in the red sea, brand and homogeneity serious, let the consumer at a loss. Influenced by homogeneity, the future enterprise will be along the direction of small, beauty, or do the first to do big. Maybe the current market is still in the chaotic period of wei yu, but many enterprises in the homogeneity & # 39; To break the & # 39; The road will be gradually aware of the importance of specialized brands, to seek strength on the degree of differentiation. Three, strengthen enterprise value-added service by the height of the sanitary ware industry competition, the sanitary services market demand will be multiplied. In this case, the marketing company, logistics, domestic outfit company inject more support for sanitary ware industry, such as giant that defend bath also might be included in the since belongs to the scope of business, the assimilation value-added services for the enterprise. This may be an important trend for the future. Four, as the product & # 39; Star & # 39; Under the sanitary ware brand rulin, the competitive landscape, have a little consciousness leading enterprises begin to focus on brand building, to build the brand characteristics, increase brand awareness. With the advancement of the Internet, break through the traditional marketing thinking, pay attention to the sanitary ware enterprise network marketing will also have sprung up all over. The sanitary ware enterprise will use new means such as Internet and new media to brand construction of the brand, the well-known platform covers the enterprise positive information, through the power of authoritative media brand awareness, improve the audience cognition to it. Throughout the industry, the wei yu that now under the background of rising market homogeneity, vicious competition become & # 39; Die & # 39; The number one killer, many enterprises and even death in their own hands. So, in the face of such situation, the enterprises that defend bath should first master industry development trend, and constantly adjust their development plan, do it first & # 39; Save & # 39; Again & # 39; To break the & # 39; 。
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