Siphon type and give expulsion-typely toilet which is really good

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-26
Because of the high frequency of use toilet, so every family will be very careful when buying toilet. Now sit implement types varied, we have more common siphon toilet, give expulsion-typely sit implement, etc. , each have each their advantages. The siphon and give expulsion-typely implement which good? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the siphon toilet? Let us with these questions, together to get to know the siphon and give expulsion-typely implement which is really good! Siphon type and give expulsion-typely implement what kind of good 1, the former are compared from the outside wall can see it has a more obvious bending drainage pipe, while the latter is relatively flat. 2, from smaller outlet of sewage outlet is the former, is sideways rather than up; While the latter have a relatively big comparative deep outlet. 3, the former two are compared from the flush nozzle flush nozzle, at the time of drainage, the two will flush nozzle flush at the same time; While the latter only a flush nozzle. 4, the tank of the former are compared from the flush button button only one; While the latter is generally has two buttons, one is a large and a small. Siphon toilet is the advantage of the advantages of this toilet is its modelling beautiful generous, line feels strong, look more dignified; It is in use when noise is small, only occasionally rushed out sometimes hear a sound, air return to the pipe to avoid the embarrassment of users; Siphon toilet is convenient and clean, it can be easily washed away dirt on the surface of the adhesion in the toilet. Siphon toilet is the shortcomings of its volume is bigger, more occupy a space, so the owners need to give it before installation to reserve enough space; Due to siphon toilet sewage pipe S bending is larger, the diameter is very narrow, it is only 1/3 of the give expulsion-typely, so compared with give expulsion-typely sit implement, it will be more likely to be stuck phenomenon; Siphon pumping force is big, the water demand is bigger, siphon toilet is relatively more water. Give expulsion-typely sit implement, in comparison with the advantages of the implement of small volume, water tank is small, so it is save a space, use rise also more save water; Give expulsion-typely toilet flush pipe road is simpler, pipe diameter is coarse, path is shorter, so give expulsion-typely toilet flush clean is not easy to cause congestion. Give expulsion-typely implement hydraulic larger defects because of its impact, so the toilet is in use will produce larger noise; And its internal slope is steep, when water splashing, this to a certain extent can affect the health environment clean, and the toilet is easy to spill into the fart fart, it's not health is not very healthy; For there is no water seal door model, in-line toilet deodorization.
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