Sit implement water not what's the solution?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Small make up to you to introduce ceramic today sit implement water solution. 1, actually is simple, and the tap water is less a problem. Is better implement device inside also has a hydrating screen, screen after a long time too much scale blockage, make the tap water into not to come. As long as it can remove the filter clean. 2, close the connection water tank inlet valve of the hose, otherwise, the operation will be water spray. To flush toilet, put the rest of the tank water temperatures. 3, along the water hose, look under the toilet, a hexagonal nut of the hose and the tank filling water ( A set of plastic pipe) Together, using a wrench, turn the nut along just in the position of the nut look up again, there may be a and nut the same location, same rotating, the same functionality, also turned down, my family is plastic, this I do not know other don't like this. After two working procedure, filling water device can take out from inside the toilet. 4, remove the filling water, see the inside tube in the middle there is a small square column, with a long nose pliers and you can see the square column and filter is one of the, together up. 5, use waste such as toothbrush, cleaning mesh. Better scale cleaner, no is usually not a problem, I just filter with scaling agent with blisters, especially clean, can also use this mixture poured some into filling water device, also can remove the inside of the scale. All clean. 6, and then the same installation back.
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