Small bathroom ark maintenance knowledge

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-31
Bathroom cabinet, as one of the receive tool between wei yu, a good bathroom ark could make the whole space that defend bath more tidy, at the same time also can effectively enlarge a space. Today's bathroom cabinet appearance is very beautiful, also have very good adornment effect. It needs more attentive caress, we master bathroom ark cleaning and maintenance of small knowledge, can make it better accompany in your side! Guangdong toilet manufacturer to introduce you to the bathroom ark maintenance knowledge. Maintenance, avoid high temperature is first bathroom counter face in the bathroom counter now the material has a lot of, artificial stone, natural stone, timber, pottery and porcelain, etc. , different material for different cleaning methods, generally when buy, shoppers are introduced in detail. It is important to note that the mesa whether using which kind of material, are all afraid of the high temperature erosion, therefore in the process of using want to avoid direct contact with the hot pot, hot water mesa, anything in contact with the bathroom ark are best keep at room temperature. Avoid sharp objects for the bathroom ark is afraid of high temperature, not only that, but still need to try to avoid using sharp items tapping, door plank, mesa can cause scratches. If there is a scratch on the also don't have to worry about, can choose in the scratches with a few toothpaste, try repeatedly with a soft dry cloth to wipe, waxing again, as well as clean as new. In order to improve the service life of bathroom ark, it is recommended that the bathroom ark use dry cloth to wipe, after water spray dry, reduce unnecessary damage. Don't mean to hurt it, there are some things to avoid directly on the bathroom ark, life is the most should be cause for alarm chemicals, such as hair dye, coating, bleach, etc. , these chemicals can directly damage the bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet store 70% of the space is the most suitable, so more convenient clean and take. Avoid high temperature, avoid damp, avoid sharp objects, avoid chemical supplies. Many people think it is too hard for the bathroom ark maintenance, actually can be just a little bit careful.
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