Smart bath may be a big trend of the market in the future

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-14
Intelligent toilet: although ceramics market situation is not ideal, in the first quarter, sanitary ware market in the future will still be xu li became a great momentum. The development and change of sanitary ware products, competition is intensifying. Modern sanitary ware development in our country has more than 20 years, the product that defend bath by the original meet functional, it can meet the needs of master grade and cultural needs; The now purchase by a minority of luxury bath town market popularization. As the sanitary ware market gradually mature, the product that defend bath also by a large group of the original on the grade separation, until now to gender factors market segment; From the products just meet common requirements, to meet the personalized requirements for the United States, new now. Began to refine the sanitary ware market segmentation, competition also from product competition, price competition to competition positioning, market segmentation. In constant progress and improvement of science and technology, the increasing material and cultural life and the spiritual and cultural life at the same time, in order to satisfy people's visual and comfort, sanitary and began to spread to the intelligent bathroom products. Women in the requirement functions of the product that defend bath also will influence the development of intelligent sanitary ware in the future. The bathroom is an indispensable part of the space that occupy the home, but most acutely in the demand for its focus on women who enjoy bath. Women claim to the choose and buy of the product that defend bath also greatly higher than male, from the perspective of women, research and development design bathroom products that meet the needs of the female aesthetic as a new market opportunity, businesses frequently by some women claim of bathroom space, female consumers become a highlight of sanitary ware. Is the generation after generation of new products emerge in endlessly, from the most common early in sanitary ware, intelligent induction faucet implement to sales prosperous now automatically flush, massage bathtub, bath cabinet, etc. , have been quietly become family toilet decorate a fashion. This is a kind of trend, except by gender factors into the market segment of the market, as the product that defend bath market more mature, the future through the occupational factors, personality factors, demographic factors, and even national factors into more and more fine segmentation have not impossible, to seize the wei yu that different consumer groups.
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