Smart how to use the toilet? The use of the intelligent toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-07
Along with the development of the society continuously, numerous more intelligent things in our life, such as intelligent sweeping machine, intelligent air conditioning, etc. , but why more and more people choose intelligent toilet? The characteristics of the intelligent toilet with its convenient won the love, let our toilet becomes more comfortable. Many people don't know how to use it? Let's take a look at smart how to use the toilet? Method of use: 1. Press the 'hip cleaning' or 'hip cleaning' remote control buttons, hip wash nozzle jet will be in a fixed position automatically stop injection in a minute. 2. Wash hip function starts, then a 'hip cleaning' or 'hip cleaning' by the remote control button, the nozzle will move back and forth, enhancing the effect of wash, if again according to the nozzle will stop moving back and forth, before and after the stop in front of the mobile working condition. 3. Press 'massage' or 'massage' remote control buttons, flushing water pressure with rhythm, the strength of the repeated alternation change, have the effect of massage, if you need to stop the massage function, please press again the key, if press will once again return to massage. 4. Wash in a minute, according to the implement of 'warm wind drying' or 'dry' button on the remote control, implement will be warm wind to dry, warm wind drying will stop automatically after 3 minutes, warm wind drying function starts, before and after the warm wind outlet rhythmically reciprocating movement, enhancing the effect of drying. 5. In the process of washing function according to the remote location adjustment 'before' or 'after' button when no mobile round-trip wash function can be adjusted forward or backward wash hip and the location of the nozzle. 6. Rinse function starts at the beginning of this 'stop' or 'stop' button remote control, implement will stop all the function is executing. 7. If in the condition of open mobile function according to 'massage' button on the remote control, can use mobile washing function and massage function at the same time. Above intelligence how to use the toilet is introduced here, the use of the intelligent toilet side is very simple, we can combine the last time we mentioned intelligent toilet take a look at what are the function.
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