'Smart toilet cover manufacturer' intelligent toilet cover has several types?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-02
Intelligent toilet cover has several types? As is known to all, with the development of science and technology, the seat is also constantly upgrading, intelligent toilet cover, with its convenient and quick and intelligent loved by consumers. Intelligent toilet cover have many models and types, the advantages of different species is different, so consumers in choosing a smart toilet cover, be sure to find out the knowledge, can choose to use intelligent toilet cover. Intelligent toilet seats are on the market at present, then, what kind of type? We take a look at the following: 1, with the function of cleaning, temperature control, etc. It can be adjusted continuously with temperature change, make the toilet seat ring of moderate temperature corresponding to the temperature of the human body, even in cold winter, also won't have not sitting on the toilet. In addition, can also be down to the human body parts for cleaning, defecate cleaner! 2, automatic change of thin film. It is a one-time health cushion film change automatic intelligent toilet cover, health roll sleeve is one-off, can automatically by the built-in microcomputer controller to replace health thin film, used film in recycling through the destruction of achieve the goal of cannot repeat use. At the same time, also to eliminate the possibility of cross infection, its function is tangible, health is visible, this is the characteristics of the intelligent toilet cover, also cannot achieve the function of the to the average toilet seat. 3, integrating in set and cleaning the toilet cover that bring in health film, also can wash, also has the sterilization, deodorant, music, and other functions, is the first two intelligent toilet cover fit and upgrade, more human, intelligent, use rise more convenient also and comfortable! All intelligent toilet cover above which several types are there? Intelligent toilet cover common features: hip cleaning, seat heating, women clean, warm wind drying, automatic deodorization, position control, hydraulic pressure adjustment, temperature, water temperature, air temperature adjustment. Suitable for hotel, catering, entertainment, leisure, beauty, office, hospital, shopping mall, airport, exhibition and other public places.
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