Smart toilet have what items need to be aware of

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-21
More and more people like to use smart toilet, investigate its reason is more comfortable, let us feel it is safer. Buy smart toilet, most have on-site installation services, even so, we also want to have some knowledge of the details of the installation, the installation of intelligent implement matters need to pay attention to what, let's take a look at. While the toilet is before they go out after a and a process, but it is important to note when buying products, before buying to conduct an inspection in the presence of merchants, check have obvious flaws, scars or is off color. When using intelligent toilet, a very worry about a problem is the leaking problem, will check a water tank is leaking, water pipe should be inspected the main part of water for three to five minutes to wash the pipeline, so that we can ensure the purity of the water pipe, and then install Angle valve, link the hose, then connect the hose and installation of the cistern fittings inlet valve and turn on the water, the inlet valve into the water and examine whether the seal is normal, drain valve installation position flexible do you have any jam. At the time of installation of intelligent toilet, pay attention to install master ever do these things, can solve the problem of water leakage from the source, if you don't need to worry about leaking problem, the other is a small problem.
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