Smart toilet: home appliance industry of the new show

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
On February 5, China ceramic industry association intelligent sanitary branch secretary general red yellow core in an interview with the daily economic news 'reporter said, intelligent toilet sales growth of 200% in 2016, or 300%. Sales of the intelligent toilet market in China in 2015 to reach 5 million units, in 2016, a year's sales of more than 3 million, intelligent toilet are on a rapid development stage. When people swarmed into the Japanese to snap up the toilet seat is intelligent toilet, it is also a small make up for the first time to know the concept of intelligent toilet, then the technology of intelligent toilet was introduced into the domestic will become familiar. Intelligent toilet can be a home appliance industry's new show that rises for a reason, with the improvement of living standard, people more and more the pursuit of quality of life. People find in a traditional the toilet not only waste, toilet paper, toilet and aseptic decontamination effect is not very good, which raise a series of disease, so the intelligent toilet so arises at the historic moment. One of its key cleansing function greatly facilitate our life, for pregnant women, the elderly, children is more intimate, effectively prevent the hemorrhoids, constipation, bacterial infection, etc. When some people say that computers into everyone feel impossible, but it has been realized. Intelligent toilet although now penetration rate is very low, less than 1%, but statistics show intelligent implement industry entering high speed development period, will also walk into homes, benefit hundreds of millions of people.
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