Smart toilet: how to clean the toilet to clean

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-14
Smart toilet: how to clean up the toilet, toilet is excretion of dirt, is also we must use the clean every day, every time to clean the toilet bowl is a health dead Angle, and the toilet is a place of bacterial growth. How do you wash to clean the toilet? Cleaning the toilet method 1, use the toilet clean spirit descaling water will be wet toilet first, and then covered with toilet paper, net margin drops from the toilet lavatory spirit, wants even, soaked after ten minutes, clean with a brush. Clean the toilet method 2, mild cleaning the toilet clean methods for less dirty toilet, toilet paper can be a piece of a shakedown is in the toilet, on the wall and then sprayed detergent left or drink the cola, leave in an hour, then rinse with water, and then gently scrub with the brush. This method not only effortless, scrub, cleaning effect is remarkable. The method of cleaning the toilet: 3, vinegar descaling vinegar and water mixture poured into the toilet, soak for half a day later, fouling is a brush off. After scrubbing toilets, sprayed white vinegar in the toilet inside, stay for a few hours, and then rinse with water, can have the effect of sterilization and deodorization. The method of cleaning the toilet: 4, baking soda, descaling to 1/2 cup of baking soda in the toilet, and then with hot boiling water for half an hour, can remove the dirt from the lighter. Before the toilet endogenous stubborn yellow rusty spot, often should use baking soda to clean. Place the baking soda on a toilet inside 10 minutes, then wash with a toilet brush. Has been formed stubborn stains, can be used in conjunction with vinegar solution, fully after soaking with the brush to clean. Overlooked the toilet outside the base, also can use the same method of dry cloth after cleaning. Clean up the toilet stubborn stains, can dip in with thin steel ball baking soda erasure. The method of cleaning the toilet: 5, use shampoo, such a lot of people are afraid of hydrochloric acid wash lavatory agent hurt children, so afraid to let children learn to clean toilets. In fact, currently on the market most of the toilet agent is neutral; If you don't trust, in fact use shampoo is sufficient to clean the dirt of the toilet. So, parents can let children learn to do cleaning chores. Method of use method with general cleaning toilets. After wash hair dry mixing will produce bubbles, and sweet sweet, sweep up children is also very high. The method of cleaning the toilet: 6, 'coke' is also the toilet cleaners to drink coke left out great pity, can be poured into the toilet, soak for an hour or so, dirt generally can be removed, if not completely, use the brush can be further division. Coke citric acid will vitreous like ceramics (note: refers to the stain on the toilet). Method of cleaning the toilet: 7, detergents descaling for yellow dirt, which is formed by the edge of the flush toilet waste nylon socks can be tied to the stick, dip in foam detergent scrub, cleaning once a month, you can keep the toilet were white. The specific method is: first put the right amount of water in the toilet, toilet brush again after cleaning, pour into 5 ~ 10 ml of cleaner or hydrochloric acid, evenly coated with the brush scrub. If dirt is heavier, can after soaking scrub, pour a little cleaner to clean.
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