'Smart' toilet manufacturer do you know about intelligent toilet cover?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-03
Do you know about intelligent toilet cover? Intelligent toilet cover originated in the United States. Japan is the first to introduce and improve the intelligent toilet cover. In the 1980 s, it has launched a new product, strengthen the function of various, such as the seat heating, warm water to clean, warm air drying, sterilization, etc. Through the toilet revolution in the 1980 s, South Korea, countries invest a lot of money developing intelligent toilet cover. In South Korea, home use (20%), Japan's use of the intelligent toilet cover group more. In China, only 0. 1% of households using smart toilet cover, and intelligent toilet cover in China is still in its infancy. Intelligent toilet cover can be done? To prevent bacterial infection of more than one thousand times around the anus is full of the anus disease bacteria. More than 40% of people suffering from the anus diseases in our country. This phenomenon is widely used in advanced countries of the gasket is found. Clinical trials show that the use of the intelligent toilet in Japan increased at the same time, the incidence of cervical cancer has also fallen of women. Men and women over the age of 40 prone to all kinds of anal diseases related to the clean toilet habits. China is a country with a high incidence of anal diseases, suggests that lack of awareness of anus clean. Warm water wash not only has the function of clean the anus and on women have special cleaning function, can effectively prevent all kinds of bacteria infection, with warm water after cleaning and relaxed feeling is helpful to reduce the disease brings trouble. Hemorrhoids and constipation through clinical observation and analysis, using the toilet paper can't clean around the anus folds in the dirt. Use warm water wash every day and low dry, not only can stimulate the surrounding capillaries, promote muscle relaxation and the circulation of blood, still can prevent hemorrhoids, constipation, also can eliminate pain hemorrhoids surgery. Care for the elderly, he said: 'since intelligent toilet cover design began, has been specially designed for the elderly. In 1964, americans Arnold Cohen ( ArnoldCohen) Invented a smart toilet cover, combine the washing and drying, convenient use of sick father. Old people no longer need to bend to use toilet paper to wipe the buttocks, thus effectively avoid the many elderly people fall due to high blood pressure, dizziness, decreased the incidence of anal rectum disease. In the process of washing, can adjust water pressure and water temperature, and through the power of the rhythm of the water pressure, repeated alternation of power, give play to the role of massage, prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. At the same time, intelligent implement constant temperature such as humanized design, can bring the most intimate care for the elderly.
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