'Smart' toilet manufacturer easily bought a handy intelligent toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-02
Intelligent toilet did not choose good, very trouble after use. Before you choose and buy, it is very important to do homework. Amway's 'three-word formula quickly, easily buy a useful, practical and durable intelligent toilet. Purchase of the intelligent toilet 'fast intelligent toilet' fast 'means it is hot fast. Rapid and continuous warm water rinse is the basic requirement of the user experience, but not all the intelligent toilet can do this, such as regenerative intelligent toilet water tank water, cleaning may be getting cold, winter is just 'torture' intelligent toilet, slow half racket has been eliminated. So, had better choose 'hot intelligent toilet, water is hot water, hot water supply is continuous, comfortable don't want to. Intelligent toilet 'fast' refers to the quick operation. Select a smart toilet, use the simpler, more convenient, faster, no one wants to be in a heap of complicated button touch along while, right? Especially for the elderly and children, a button can solve this problem, do not need two buttons! This is the so-called smart, this is known as technology, quality. Purchase of the intelligent toilet 'accuracy good intelligent toilet tend to be accurate, detailed and thoughtful. According to each person's preferences and needs, it can accurately control the nozzle distance and location, arbitrarily change the temperature and flow intensity, and there are all sorts of patterns, such as strong regular cleaning, cleaning, etc. Various options are worth buying. Purchase of the intelligent toilet 'provinces even if they don't use regenerative intelligent closestool, to keep the heat preservation water tank for heating, can also imagine to its power consumption; That is to say, the intelligent toilet is open hot, when it does not use, do not require electricity, save electricity waste not, buy something hot, yes! In terms of water saving, intelligent toilet is usually 6 litres of water, and the fourth generation of hot intelligent toilet without motor, only 4 at a time. 8 litres. Save money and water is trustworthy.
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