Smart toilet manufacturer: environmental protection and energy saving, quality for this

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-21
The popularity of intelligent furniture let many people don't know how to choose, each big stores the goods full of beautiful things in eyes, it's smart also let many people feel the strength of science and technology, more appreciate this kind of product, but recently, the Shanghai released the result of sampling observation of net sales of the intelligent toilet, among them the quality problem of the hidden, let a person feel creepy. The release of the data, 28 batches of product has 11 batches of products are not qualified, not qualified rate is as high as 39. 3%. These detected unqualified typical quality problems of the intelligent toilet cover, mainly in five aspects: security structure, to touch the live parts of protection, earthing measures, the input power, and signs and instructions, there are four of them are directly related to electrical safety. Reflected problems, mostly will cause certain harm to human body. For example, the temperature inside the metal surface is a direct contact with water, and water tank inside the basic insulation once failure, spray water after water injection to human body, it would be easy to cause the risk of electric shock. Signs and instructions for safe use, express product warning information such as role models, parameters, and to a great extent, affects the intelligent toilet cover the use of safe, and this intelligent toilet cover, the information after wiping, the plate of product model, rated voltage, power, important parameters, such as waterproof grade, had disappeared. These remind us, must be careful and cautious when selecting a intelligent toilet cover, the many times we do not pay attention to the assembly is a manufacturer of recruit. Choose intelligent toilet or choose Kang Qi technology co. , LTD. , quality assurance, perfect, you are welcome to inquire:.
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