Smart toilet manufacturer to remind you: the brand is not important, feel good

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-15
Village in the QQ group often someone will ask: you install toilets are what brand is it? Or: intelligent toilet which brand good? Intelligent toilet manufacturer will say choose brand important for everyone, or the right is good. Every brand has the function of the intelligent toilet there is a difference between, as the domestic market for smart toilet gradually mature in technology, intelligent toilet manufacturer for the design of the toilet has been gradually transferred to the user experience from the function. Some domestic big brands in addition to the above function on the development of the intelligent toilet manufacturer, did not achieve the 'people-oriented' design. Individual brand toilet design that is to say there is still a small flaw, so everyone in the choice of the intelligent toilet, don't just watch brand, to pay more attention to comfort.
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