Smart toilet: no tank intelligent toilet, please

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-11
Smart toilet: no tank intelligent toilet please 1, for the Angle of cleaning and hygiene. No smart toilet there is no storage water tank, when the use of cleaning function, is directly using tap water to clean, rather than the water storage tank. The water in the tank due to the length of the storage time, makes the water there is a certain amount of bacteria, when we need the toilet comes, the features of the water clean is not good for own clean sanitation and. On the contrary, no water tank intelligent toilet at this point there are obvious advantages. 2, for the Angle of saving resource. Toilet because of the limitation of technology before most of the toilet is failed to pass the water test, daily use a flush, so it took 6 l even 9 l of water. But now, all businesses are in your toilet water saving function, without the intelligent toilet water tank, due to the storage tank is not applicable, only need a few each use water can clean inside the toilet clean. 3, no water tank intelligent toilet because itself does not exist the structure of the storage tank, each use must be used for the water supply pipe internally, known as living water. This type of structure can reduce the inside of the toilet bacterial growth, reduce the odor, and makes the toilet cleaner. 4, part of the water tank is dry toilet electricity can be used. Literal meaning, you mean we don't need to connect the external power supply, the toilet use dry cell can run normally. The power supply mode is more secure and convenient, and more and more toilet can also be started to use this approach. 5, no intelligent toilet water tank, tend to be smart to control the water pressure, because there is no storage tank internal structure, so the more need to rely on the toilet with intelligent system for hydraulic control, the control is more precise. 6, no water tank intelligent toilet will also include, automatic open and close cover, automatic temperature control, remove the peculiar smell of related functions.
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