'Smart toilet prices' smart toilet use fixed number of year long?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-03
With the continuous development of economy, our products is also more intelligent household, intelligent toilet is new toilet products, also some more advanced in terms of quality and technology. Many consumers for smart toilet cover doubts about life, think smart toilet cover, although the function is various, the price is high, but also can accept, the only problem is that spending so much money to buy back the intelligent toilet use fixed number of year long? We have been to see below: usage time actually any product has its service life effectively, intelligent toilet cover as electronic products, it is the effective use of life and the design of the electronic components inside the product and has a lot to do. A circuit arrangement is reasonable and the precision is not only decided the use effect of product also reflects on the service life. Most businesses indicate smart toilet cover on the market service life is 8 years or so, as the saying goes, the same product, different people use, there will be a different result. Actually pay attention to in our daily life and maintenance, also prolongs the service life of the seat. Intelligent toilet usage - The steps of intelligent toilet main use function is, after using the toilet, press the 'hip cleaning', and then wash hip and nozzle will be in a fixed position about a minute and then stop, this operation can be repeated use. Massage function of it is more applicable, massage only need to press the keys, flushing water pressure can have rhythm, strong and weak alternately repeatedly, have the effect of massage, if you need to stop, only need to press it again. Wash after a minute, you can press the 'warm wind dry' button, so that it can achieve the effect of drying, and drying can also adjust the scope of, just choose around before and after the direction of movement. Can not only dry, but can also be carried out on the seat heating, especially in the cold, this feature is very useful. Press the 'take temperature adjusting', you can choose from 34 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius temperature. After using the toilet, can be directly flush button, not only so, still can set up automatic washing function set. Can choose to sit in humans after a long period of time inside more automatic flushing. Set up time, and then enter the human body induction time after how many seconds, if can't detect the existence of the human body, began to automatic washing. So they were discharged the trouble of manually flush.
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