Smart toilet ten big brand: the classification of the toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-08
Smart toilet ten big brand: a lot of classification standard toilet, according to the type, structure, installation, sewage, direction and using the crowd to classification, different categories of the toilet has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different household situation. Below we to three of the most common toilets classification explain for everybody. 1, even by type, split type toilet buying even postures or split type is mainly according to toilet space size. A traditional two-piece toilet, the production is late with screws and sealing ring connecting the base and tank floor, accounts for a bigger space of seams even hiding dirt easily. Even the toilet more modern high-grade, beautiful shape, rich choice, forming an organic whole. But the price is relatively expensive. 2, according to the drainage direction by the back, lower back is also called the wall type or rank type, according to the literal meaning to the discharge direction. The rear type toilet when the choose and buy should consider the height of the outlet center from the ground, the general is 180 mm. Discharge type also called type or landscape type, as the name implies, is refers to the outlet on the ground of toilet. Discharge type toilet of choose and buy must pay attention to the center of sewage outlet is the distance from the wall, the distance from the wall outlet is divided into 400 mm, 305 mm, 200 mm 3 kinds. Demand for 400 mm hole is apart from the product of the north market is bigger. The south market of 305 mm hole is apart from the product demand is bigger. 3, according to the launching strong fall type, siphon toilet to depending on the emission direction of choose and buy. If is the back type, strong fall type of choose and buy closestool, its water momentum directly to sewage discharge. Strong fall type of large outlet of deep, with the aid of rinse water momentum directly to the sewage discharge, the downside is flush loudly. If it is lower, should choose and siphon toilet. There are two kinds of siphon segment, including swirl jet siphon and siphon. Is the principle of the siphon toilet flushing water in drainage tube formation of siphonage, sewage discharge, the smaller outlet, to use the noise is small, relatively quiet. The disadvantage is that water consumption is big, general 6 litres of storage once finished.
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